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Birthdate:Nov 17
Location:United States of America
In an attempt to break through my writer's block, I decided to start a writing journal. Here you'll find stories that I have written, both completed chapters and possibly broken chapter ideas as well as writing exercises that I've done in the hopes of luring my muse back to me.

[personal profile] seventhsojurn: This is my personal journal that I started on LiveJournal in 2004, recently imported here.

The Goddess: Goddess of Rage on Another oldie. I've got all of one story uploaded there, but at least it's "finished!"

Here's the standard disclaimer. If its fan-fiction, then I don’t own any of the characters, places, etc. that were not created by me. I’ll specify what’s mine where applicable. This disclaimer does not apply to anything original because...Original stuff IS mine....Obviously. I may not be the greatest writer in the world, but at least I try. Plagiarism sucks ass.

And finally, I feel like I should tell you all that my muse closely resembles John Taylor from Duran Duran circa 1993 so if you see him, will you tell him to get his boney ass back here so I can regain my inspiration?


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beating writer's block, fan fiction, fiction is false, haiku, happy endings, non-fiction is true, plots twists, poetry, sad endings, what the fuckery, writing exercises
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